Oh, I so like doing that. Oh, I so like doing that. You should be thankful I don't set fire to your house. Okay. Right. Let's go see a dwarf.Are you coming? Really? This is going to take some time.… [..]
It’s been a tradition for quite a few years now, that I’ll treat myself to at least one full priced game per year. This December that was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I own the first two games, having played… [..]
Hey. Was just… reminiscing, and realized - damn, been ages since we last saw each other. You know me. Got a hard time staying put, though… Regis says I’m getting old - pff. Drops in with herbs for Triss… [..]
"You can store weapons, armor, and junk in your stash for safekeeping." Oh my god. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to read those words. Confident that they will not be stolen or otherwise disappear.… [..]
Wow, was this fantasy adventure a slog to get through. I don’t normally talk about mechanics unless they really impact the immersion. In this case, they REALLY impact the immersion. But I’m getting ahead… [..]
Hello everyone and welcome to Ouj Reviews where this week I’m actually following up on one of my Premature Evaluation videos with a full review of The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine! Please note they are a… [..]
(adventurous music) - In many ways, the star of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt isn't Geralt or Ciri, but the world in which they inhabit. So today, we're gonna talk to the folks at CD Projekt, about… [..]
Once we were many... we are few. Hunters. Killers of the world's filth.Witchers. The ultimate killing machines. Among us... A legend.The one they call Geralt of Rivia. The White Wolf. (sigh)… [..]
Hearts of Stone has a really strong main story, but very few side quests and no side objectives, like treasure hunts or witcher contracts. The main mission is refreshing and it’s subquests are quite varied.… [..]
Greetings and welcome, I'm ash and today I would like to present you my review and critique of The Witcher 3's final expansion - Blood and Wine. In an effort to keep this video spoiler free I've… [..]
How's it going eh? My name is Krojak, and you are watching the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Let's Go. Oh my God, that was awesome! That... Was awesome! Uh, we've waited so long for this game guys.… [..]
OK here we go! Epic side quest number 324! Let’s check I’ve got everything I need, so... Steel sword? Check! Silver sword? Check! Hang on- what the fuck is this? “A bell.” Yeah, I can see it’s a bell!… [..]
Intro – The Wild Hunt is upon us. To prepare, we must ourselves become the Witcher. As this is the Witcher 3, I would recommend you become the Witcher 3 times. Does that give you 3 times the power? That… [..]
Greetings friends and welcome to our video review for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The third chapter of the series focuses on Geralt and Ciri stories. After the end of The Witcher 2, Geralt or… [..]
A few times throughout the game you get these sections where you get to play as this girl called Ciri. Now, the problem I have with these Ciri sections is that it makes me wish I could play as her for… [..]
Well here we go… Bye Bye social Life. First though, I gotta say that the amount of free stuff that you’re given with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is awesome. I think it was only if you pre-ordered the game,… [..]
Hi, this is Mike with BasedGamer. I'm here at E3 2016. I'm here with the CD Projekt Red team. Why don't you introduce yourself. Hello, my name is Konrad Tomaszkiewicz. I'm game director… [..]
How hard was it to maintain balance between the Western, Hollywoodesque soundtracks and the Eastern/Latin sound? The Witcher OST sounds completely different than most games, yet it still has some Hollywood… [..]
"You should wait here, just in case". Aw... This is a good one. Oh, I found it I am so good at this game. Already found the pan. Here you go. I beat the game."Mine? But mine were black with soot!" ARRGHHH… [..]
Witcher 3 - With its massive world and tons of quests I can see why this game took more than 3 years to develop. The game looks great, the combat is much improved, the music is astonishingly good and the… [..]
Today’s episode is sponsored by Seven Spots Who would expect that one of the most important franchises of the gaming industry in 2015, would be a “small” studio in Warsaw, Poland. I am Sakis Karpas, you… [..]
Hello guys, welcome back to Popngames once again for another unboxing! Today we are going to be doing the unboxing for!!! The Witcher 3 Wild hunt Complete Edition for the PS4 and Xbox One. So from the… [..]
Pffft! Whats this? Destiny 2? Well judging from the way last game was a complete and utter disaster- I mean, what can we expect from this one? Theres probably no story, no characters, nothing interesting,… [..]
Hi Guardians welcome back for another destiny in-depth review where I review exotics and legendary gear in order to give you a comprehensive understanding of the gear so you can play this game as efficient… [..]
Hi Guardians welcome back for another destiny in-depth review where I review exotics and legendary gear, whether this is a weapon or armor in order to give you a comprehensive understanding of the gear… [..]
Destiny 2 Review A Huge improvement I wasn’t a huge fan of the original destiny, I ended up giving it a 6.5... It just never felt like a complete game to me… This time around though... Destiny 2 definitely… [..]
Destiny 2 feels both immediately familiar and strikingly different. Familiar in the sense that what you're chasing after, what you're shooting at, and how you're shooting at it are components… [..]
In 2014, Destiny, Bungie’s first game since parting with Microsoft, launched to polarizing opinions. Players finished the campaign faster than expected, and the repetitive grind of repeating a small handful… [..]
Hey guys Chris head back with the Xiaomi mi notebook13 this is the revised 2017 Model with the NVIdia Mx 150 now a lot of people in my first gaming video weren't too happy with the games I tested they… [..]
Dota 2 reaches 4 million active players, the Interactive Compendium evolves, patch notes for July 17th, and more! Hey guys, Jess here with the Dota 2 update! FIrst up, Dota 2 has now reached over 4 million active… [..]