Star Citizen: How to Connect to the Same Instance?

Star Citizen is a mix of MMO and RPG and has various options for playing. You can play alone if you wish or you can play with your friends. Many players have problems when they try to join the server where their friends are playing and that’s the reason why this guide was written. Read and find out how to connect to the same instance in Star Citizen.
If you have a group of players and you want to play together you need to connect to the same server. When total online is low it’s easy to do. But when there are a lot of players and servers are almost full it’s much more difficult. Sometimes impossible. Hope that this issue will be fixed after the game is launched.
The first thing you must know is that your friends must be in your Contacts if you wish to play with them. You also must be in their contacts. If you want to play with 3 players all of them must be in your contact list and you must be in their contacts! Thus you are the group leader.
To add new players to contacts press L and use the window there. If you have troubles read Star Citizen: How to Add and Remove Friends?
  1. Now all of the players must launch the game and wait in Hangar.
  2. Group leader selects Universe and the game puts him on random server.
  3. Right after this all other players must click Universe and they will see session of the group leader.
  4. They should join the session where their group leader is and hope :) If there is enough space, the game will put all players to the same instance.
Sometimes it’s impossible to join the same instance even if there are only 2 players in a group. That’s because the servers are full and there are no free spots. It’s an issue RSI has to fix.
Pay Attention: as you see the system is tricky. You may succeed or fail depending  on your luck. It looks like final version of the game will not have such issues and the process of joining the same instance will be easier.


  • Do all players have to be in a party? No there is no party requirement. You just need to have group leader in your contacts and he must have all other players in his contacts.

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