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Star Citizen community is growing fast. The reasons for this are great game, ambitious plans of Roberts Space Industries and of course “Refer a Friend” promotion. This guide explains what this promo is about and what Referral Rewards Star Citizen offers to affiliates.

How it Works?

The program works similar to other “Refer a Friend” promotions. You receive special code that you distribute as a link. All people who click your link, create a new account at RSI website and purchase Star Citizen game package (minimum value $40 USD) become your referrals. You receive 1 Recruitment Point for every real player you invite.
Star Citizen Referral Program
When a player uses your link for registration he automatically receives 5,000 UEC (United Earth Credits) which he can use for purchasing anything in RSI store. This bonus can be used for promoting your link.

How to Promote

Your referral code is the key. RSI website gives you the code without any links, but you can transform it into a link. Just use following sample:
Replace YOUR-CODE-HERE with your referral code and you are done. The link is much easier to use. Feel free to share it in social networks, use it in your forum signatures or send it to your friends via e-mail. All new players who click it and register become your referrals.
Referral Code
Pay Attention: a user must create a new account and purchase the game in order to become your referral. Otherwise you will not receive Recruitment point. Thus you don’t get points if you send existing players to RSI website.

Your Rewards

There are 6 Affiliate ranks right now. Every stage offers new rewards but requires you to bring more people. The more people use your link for registration and purchasing the game the higher you climb.
StageRP RequiredRewards
Stage 1 – Recruiter1Badger and Badges 
  • A series of UEE Squadron Badges you can use at RSI forums
  • K&W CF-117 Badger repeater for your ship. The cost of K&W CF-117 Badger repeater is 12,000 UEC in RSI shop. As you see rather useful reward for just 1 player.
Stage 2 – Private3Gimbals and Guns  
  • Two gimbal mounts (2*5000 UEC each = 10 000 UEC value)
  • Two K&W CF-007 Bulldog repeaters. (2*8000 UEC each = 16 000 UEC value)
Total value: 26 000 UEC
Stage 3 – Corporal5Surf and Turf  
  • Greycat buggy upgrade for Angar (15 000 UEC value)
  • Stylish tank filled with exotic fish.
Stage 4 – Sergeant10Gladius and Gold  Land your new Aegis Gladius next to this set of gold ship models celebrating some of the ’verse’s best: the Aurora, Constellation, Hornet, Avenger, & Freelancer. ($90 USD value)
Stage 5 – Lieutenant25Arena Commander Racing Package You permanently unlock 350R, M50, and Mustang Gamma in Crusader & Arena Commander. Also includes 15,000 UEC.
Stage 6 – Captain42Arena Commander Combat Package  You receive permanent access to the Cutlass Black ($100 USD value), Hornet ($110 USD value), Avenger ($60 USD value), & Aurora LN ($35 USD upgrade value) in Crusader & Arena Commander. Also includes 30,000 UEC.

RSI website says that there will be more levels revealed in future. So you can start promoting the game now in order to reach high levels in future.


Where to see referrals? Every player you invited can be seen in a special Recruits List. You can find this list in your Account Settings under “REFERRAL PROGRAM” tab.
Are referrals permanent? Yes, your referrals get connected with your account forever.  For example to reach Lieutenant Stage you need to invite 25 players. You can do it within a week if you have a lot of friends or website or you can do it within 6 months.
Can you lose rank? No, you can’t get to lower stage. Your referrals become yours forever and you can’t lose your rank.

Comments (3)

  1. leo 22 april 2017, 01:05 # -1
    this referral code it can be used to earn 5000 credits to spend in stuff for the game STAR-7ZMR-THGQ, thanks guys
    1. Maldayne 23 april 2017, 02:03 # -1
      Join Star Citizen with the following link and get 5000 UEC in game credits ($5 value) for free!
      1. August Erbes 16 july 2017, 21:30 # 0
        Help a brother out… Need 2 more recruits for the gladius :)

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