The Division: How To Get 100% Critical Hit Chance?

The Division is a game where your damage output is very important. The more damage you deal the better. As you know there are 2 types of damage – normal and critical. Critical attacks deal much more damage than normal. The problem is that the chance to deal critical damage can’t be raised above 60%… But did you know that you can actually get 100% critical hit chance bonus? Read this guide to find out how to reach this value.

Soft Cap

Many Division players know that the maximum value of Critical Hit chance is 60%. That’s correct; it is the maximum number the game displays. But they think that this cap is “hard” and it’s impossible to get more than this value. The truth is that this cap is “soft” meaning that if you combine proper gear and skills you can reach 100% Crit Chance value! All your attacks will deal critical damage.
60% cap value you see in your character’s stats is for Gear. You can’t exceed this value by equipping more and more items with Crit Chance bonus. If you see that you have reached the cap, you shouldn’t try to get more from items. That’s the waste of your potential.

Pulse is the Key

So how do you get 100% CHC if the items can’t give you more than 60%? The answer is Pulse. This skill has great Crit Chance bonus and this value adds to your basic CHC value!  To reach 100% CHC solo you need to focus on Electronics. If you have enough Electronics your Pulse with Tactical Scanner will provide you with extra 40% CHC. You can’t get more but if you add this value to your basic CHC you will receive 100% chance in total!
With such build all your attacks will be orange after you activate the Pulse. You can test this build in your Base of Operations attacking target dummy.

Is this Build Useful?

In order to reach 40% CHC bonus from Pulse solo you will have to boost your Electronics. Thus you will have to sacrifice too much Firearms and Stamina. This is not the best decision and such build is useless if you play alone.
But you can still reach 100% critical if you play in a group where at least 2 members have Pulse skill. Moreover, they don’t have to focus on Electronics because Critical Hit Chance bonuses from Pulse stack!
For example: you have 2 players that don’t really spec into Electronics at all. Pulse skill gives 20% CHC bonus. But if they activate the skills at the same time the bonus will stack and they both will get +40% CHC. Add this to 60% cap they have from gear and that’s it! 100% critical hit chance.
This works not only for Critical Hit Chance but also for Critical Hit Damage. The bonus from 2 Pulses also stack and the damage both players deal will be increased a lot.

Dark Zone

If you have a team of 4 players and all of them have 60% basic CHC and Pulse Skill you can maintain almost 100% crit chance for the whole team almost permanently! All you need for this is to keep rotating Pulse 2 players by 2 players. Moreover, you will also have great critical damage bonus! If you do it right your team will be very dangerous.


No, that’s not cheating. The game allows to stack skill bonuses. The example is Smart Cover skill. Every player knows that you can stack them to beat challenge mode missions. Several Smart Covers make you almost godlike because of bonus stacking. Using 2 Pulses is the same.

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