How to get the Best Weapons in The Division: Full Guide

When you start playing The Division your character is weak. You complete missions, kill enemies, participate in Dark Zone PvP and finally reach max level. Now your goal is to get coolest items in order to dominate in Dark Zone and in end game PvE content. This guide will tell you how to get the best weapons in The Division.

Why so Important?

  • If you look through the breakdown of your DPS you will notice that most of the damage you deal comes from you have in hands. The better rifle, shotgun, submachine gun or sniper rifle you have the more damage you deal.
  • Some unique High-end weapons have great talents that may increase your performance a lot. For example The Liberator assault rifle has amazing talents for those who like to use skills.

Level 31 Weapons!

There is one very important secret most players are not aware about: though your level cap is 30 you can find and use level 31 weapons!
When you visit a vendor or browse the item in your inventory you can see a large number on the right of item’s title. Most players think that it’s level of the item. But that’s not the level! It is level requirement! Scroll down the description and you will see that real level is written there.
That really doesn’t matter before you reach 30th level. In most cases level and level requirement are the same. But after you have maxed your character it becomes very important. There is quite a big difference between level 30 and level 31 assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and pistols!

Crafting Randomness Problem

The other difficulty is that Crafting in The Division has randomness. When you create an item, submachine gun for example, you will be receiving different result after every crafting attempt. For example the Damage characteristic may vary. “What’s the problem with that,” you may ask?
The problem is that vendors also sell such weapons. Their entire assortment is result of their crafting attempts. And the items they sell are not always the best! The chances to purchase something average are high!
Now you know that level and level requirement may be different sometimes. Moreover, not all High-end weapons have perfect characteristics. And that’s very important. Your final objective is to find High-end level 31 weapon with perfect characteristics and stats!

How to Get Perfect Level 31 Weapon?

  • You can purchase it from Special Gear Vendor for Phoenix Credits – not always the best option because of crafting randomness. But if you understand what you are doing, you can use this option.
  • You can purchase it from Advanced Weaponry Vendor in your Base of Operations. He sells level 31 weapons for regular funds, but the cost is very high + don’t forget about crafting randomness!
  • You can try to loot it from bosses – not the best idea. It will take you ages to loot what you exactly need.
  • You can Craft what you need – and that’s the best possible variant!
Blueprints for best weapons can be purchased from Special Gear Vendor at the Base of Operations. But before you go there you need to gain some Phoenix Credits – special end game currency for purchasing amazing stuff. If you don’t know where to take them read our guide: How to get Phoenix Credits in The Division.
Do you remember what was written about level 31 items above? Now it’s time to use this knowledge. Pay attention to blueprint’s Power Level when you purchase it. Don’t look at level requirement. Power Level of the recipe shows the level of item you will get as crafting result. Scroll down the description of the blueprint if it’s required and find this number. It’s better to double check this before making a purchase. You need High-end recipe with Power Level: 31!
Best Weapon Blueprint
If you visit Dark Zone Vendors you can find almost the same blueprints there. You may wish to buy them for Dark Zone funds instead of spending Phoenix Credits but DON’T do this! All the recipes you can buy for DZ funds have Power Level 30. You will not be able to use them for crafting the best items.
Short Recap:
  • First of all get some Phoenix Credits by completing daily missions.
  • Use these PC to buy weapon blueprint with Power Level 31 from Special Gear Vendor.
  • Craft and recraft to get what you wish.
Due to crafting randomness you may be required to recraft the weapon for several times (or for many times depending on your luck). You will be receiving items with different characteristics. Repeat this again and again until you get the best weapon for your character.


Are Dark Zone Funds useless? Yes and no at the same time. You can’t use them for obtaining coolest weapons directly. But you may use them for purchasing items for deconstruction. The resources you receive from deconstruction will help you a lot!
Is it possible to use Recalibration Station to make weapon much better? No, you can’t use Recalibration Station for rerolling weapons. The only option is recrafting. Fortunately, you can use the same blueprint as many times as you wish.

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